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Shalom and Welcome to the Chabad Jewish Center
serving the University of Illinois and Champaign-Urbana.

We invite you to explore our site and contact us if we can be of any service to you.

We look forward to personally welcoming you at the Chabad Center for Jewish Life where you will find warmth, wisdom and an all-around great time!

With the vision to open the doors of Judaism to all Jewish students and faculty and community members at University of IL and Champaign-Urbana, we have established the Chabad Jewish Center.
The Vision and Values that permeate every Chabad on Campus and that inspire so much Jewish life at the University of Illinois.
Rabbi Dovid and Goldie Tiechtel moved to Champaign-Urbana in the summer of 2003 to establish a modern vibrant center - the Chabad Jewish Center.
Is what you think about Chabad myth or fact? You may be surprised!
Chabad offers “Judaism with a Smile” and a home away from home for everyone who walks through its doors.
Hear what's being said and read about the Chabad Jewish Center in the News.
Chabad Infographic
Get an idea of what we do by the numbers, with our Chabad Infographic.
Illini Chabad Advisory Board Members
Chabad on Campus's Student Board, helps empower students for leadership roles and responsibilities in the campus community and society-at-large. Meet those that are making a difference.
About Chabad-Lubavitch About Chabad-Lubavitch
Chabad-Lubavitch is a philosophy, a movement, and an organization. It is considered to be the most dynamic force in Jewish life today.
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