Sunday, September 23
Holiday Evening Services 7:00 pm
Taco Dinner In the Sukah 7:30 pm
Monday, September 24
Holiday Morning Services 10:00 am
Bagel Bar Lunch in the Sukah 1:00 pm
Evening Services 7:35 pm
Soups in The Sukah 8:00 pm
Tuesday, September 25
Holiday Morning Services 10:00 am
Bagel Bar Holiday Lunch in the Sukah 1:00 pm
Wednesday, September 26
Sukkah Fest
with Make Your Own Pizza Bar | Click here
5:00 pm
Thursday, September 27
Dinner in the Sukkah 7:00 pm
Friday, September 28
Brisket Shabbat Under the Stars 7:30 pm
Shabbat, September 29
Morning Services 10:00 am
Roundtable Lunch
Open House all day
1:00 pm
Sukkah Late Night 9:00 pm
Simchat Torah
Sunday, September 30 - Shemini Atzeret
Evening Services & Dancing
in Solidarity with Israel. Followed by Dinner
7:00 pm
Monday, October 1
Shmini Atzeret Morning Services
followed by lunch in the Sukkah at 1:00 pm
10:00 am
Simchat Torah Live
Dancing with the Stars
7:30 pm
Tuesday, October 2
Simchat Torah Morning Services
followed by Dancing with the Torah
10:00 am