KAM Logo-03.jpgAlta Mina Tiechtel A'H epitomized happiness and joy all throughout her short life . Everyone in her presence always had a smile around Mina, as she always radiated such joy. Regardless of what she may have been experiencing at the time, Mina, with her little baseball cap on her head, would involve herself in all kinds of activities and inspire and influence others around her. From classmates and friends, fellow patients in the hospital or even her doctors, Mina deeply touched the lives of all who knew her. In fact, one of her favorite doctors transformed her lifestyle and became more Jewishly observant as a result of her interaction with Mina for a long time. Mina lived only seven years but she has been impacting this world for over twenty.

In the past twenty six years since her untimely passing, thousands of people wrote to us about good deeds that they did in her merit. Bais Rivkah school established at the time the Alta Mina Yiddish class for first grade, which is active till today. During the Shiva we established Keren Alta Mina - an organization committed to bring a smile to every child's face. While Initially we established school library's, a children clothing Gemach and put Jewish children's books in doctors waiting rooms, we now have focused our energies on providing new parents with baby furniture which have been doing non stop for the past 26 years.

At this special time of joy for so many families - Keren Alta Mina is at their side ensuring that their joy is complete. Cribs, car seats, baths, high chairs, carriages - you name it! Whatever the furnishing needs may be for the newborn, KAM gets it ALL taken care of as per the families individual needs.

We are an organization without ANY overhead. No hired staff. We don't make large auctions or host big parties yet we give out literally hundreds of furniture items a year. We thank our many sponsors and supporters and the Everything But The Baby store for always being helpful. But at this time we need your help! We operate on a deficit and need your support to continue making those smiles happen.

We ask you as someone who cares about the happiness of the children and families in our community to please help us continue our work.