Hot Kosher Dinners @ University Dining!

Chabad is proud to share that fresh kosher lunch and dinners will be served at university dining halls! These meals can be purchased with i-card credits, as part of the university meal plan, or by anyone with a CC payment, open to the public.

Rabbi Dovid Tiechtel has been working with the university dining for many years to make this happen. "This is a major breakthrough for Jewish life on campus," says Rabbi Tiechtel, director of Chabad at U of I, "this is an issue students and parents have been asking me about since I first moved here in 2003. And it's happening."


LUNCH: KOSHER ROMANIAN DELI and more Lunch (or whenever you want it) at the Illini Union Quad Shop or IKE 57 North Stop by at any hour for a fresh Deli sandwich or garden Salad.

Join for a full hot dinner each and every weeknight, Brisket, Mexican and more.

All the above you can get either on your meal plan or just as a guest. Open to all, students, faculty, community anyone!


YES! Every Thursday night, come out for Kosher Hot Dog dinner at Illini Tower


YES! 2nd Friday of every Month, Kosher hot lunch at Bromley Hall

At Basketball games:
YES - during Basketball we will be back with Kosher dogs at the games!

To find out more about Kosher Food and opportunities on campus, email [email protected]

Lunch is served every Wednesday at the Union FREE from 1-2pm. Join Rabbi Dovid's lunch 'n learn. Grab some food for the body and some thoughts on the weekly Torah portion to nourish your soul. Served at the Union's Courtyard Cafe.

Please note, if there are any items that you cannot find, and you are interested in seeing, please let us know, we are constantly working with these stores to improve and enlarge the kosher availability in C-U and central Illinois.

County Market - on Campus (Champaign)

The New County Market on 4th & Springfield has just partnered with Chabad and put in a MAJOR section of Kosher Items. 2 Full freezers worth of Meat, Chicken, Pizza, and much more!! In addition to the full Kosher dry good section.

Corner of Fourth and Springfield (331 Stoughton) - One block north of Chabad.

They can be reached at 217 352 4123

Schnuks in Champaign, located on Mattis Ave
Schnucks carries a full line of Kosher foods, Meats, Dairy, dry goods and more. In addition they carry and extensive line of Kosher for Passover items (75 feet of items!), starting in Late February.
They are located at 109 N. Mattis Ave in Champaign, they can be reached at 217 351 2600

Schnucks in Urbana, Located on Vine St
Schnuks in Urbana carries aline of Kosher items, Chicken as well as breads and many dry goods. They are located on Vine St in Urbana, They can be reached at 217 337 6016

GFS Marketplace, Champaign
GFS carries a line of Kosher items, many dry goods, many in bulk. They are located at 502 West Town Center Boulevard Champaign, IL 61822 They can be reached at (217) 356-3056

Binny's Wine Depot, North Prospect Ave, Champaign
Binny's, carries a huge selection of Kosher wine for Passover and year round. Wines from Israel and all around the world.
They are located at 802 Town Center Blvd
Champaign, IL 61822, They can be reached at 217-355-0625