jLearn Schedule 
spring '08

This semester's schedule of classes, conversations and discussions cover a wide variety of topics concerning Jews and Judaism.

Check out the great classes below, in addition to this semester's social schedule! (social schedule is at the bottom of this page)

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Weekly Discussions

Lunch ‘n Learn @ the Union
Enjoy some delicious pizza and a thoughtful discussion on the weekly Torah portion. Gain some great insights and thoughts to get you through the week!
******Wednesdays, 1pm- 1:45pm @ the Illini Union’s Courtyard Café by Rabbi Dovid

Coffee & Conversation for Women
Take a refreshing break from school study to join other girls for some great conversation and thoughts on various topics in Judaism. The weekly Torah portion… women’s in Judaism… anything you may be interested in! Informal, Informative, and fun!
******Tuesdays, 4:30pm-5:15  @ Chabad by Goldie
a second time and date is being considered. Email [email protected] if you’d like to join but the date and time doesn’t work for you.

Course Topic

Read Hebrew!
Learn to read Hebrew this semester!
******email [email protected] for dates and times. to be determined by participants.

Guest Lecture Event

Playing with Fire
The Return Home – one women’s remarkable odyssey

At the age of sixteen, Tonica Marlow, daughter of a Protestant minister and an Egyptian jewish mother, was accepted as the youngest student at a noted Christian theological college. Within four years she had become an ordained minister. Yet with all of her successful activities within the church, she could not explain the deep void she felt inside. She asked questions, but the answers she received did not satisfy her.
And so began a remarkable quest for her true heritage.

Tova Mordechai, who lives in Israel, is on a U.S. Tour and will be coming to Champaign. Her fascinating story will touch your heart and continue to inspire you for years to come.
******Wed Feb 20, 7pm @ the Illini Union, room 314

The New Anti-Semitism
Is it really new?
lecture by William I. Brustein - Associate Provost for International Affairs and Director of International Programs and Studies. He also holds the titles of professor of Sociology, Political Science and History, and Alumni Professor of international Studies.

·         How and why had indifference toward European Jewry reached such extreme heights so that on the eve of the holocaust, indifference to the fate of Europe’s Jews reached epidemic proportions and caused Jews fleeing Germany’s anti-Semitic measures to encounter closed doors wherever they turned?

·         How did the level of anti-Semitism in the 1930s compare to those of earlier decades?

·         Did anti-Semitism vary in content and intensity across societies? Were Germans more anti-Semitic than their neighbors and, if so, why?

·         Finally, how does today’s anti-Semitism compare to the anti-Semitism of the pre-Holocaust?

******Wed Feb 27, 7pm @ the Illini Union, room 314

Special Events & Discussions

Conversations on Israel: 
Living in a Nasty Neighborhood: War & Peace
Intriguing discussion on the state of affairs in Israel.
******Date to be announced. Those interested will be notified by email.

Wrap it Up – ‘The Commandment of Joy?!’
Is it really a mitzvah to be happy? How can I be commanded to feel an emotion? Explore Judaism’s view on joy and happiness and its unique powers. 

Wrap up a great discussion while wrapping up some delicious wraps to eat and enjoy!
******Monday Feb 25, 6pm @ Chabad

Jewish Women’s Spa Night
Enjoy an evening of beauty and pampering with a scrumptious dessert table of petite-fours, fruit ice cream and more! Culminated by a discussion on love and intimacy in Judaism
****** Date to be announced. Those interested will be notified by email.

Jewish Movie Night 
Snacks and a movie, followed by discussion & conversation. 
Viewing With all Your Soul - the story of Roi Klein.

Major Roi Klein was killed in battle in the second Lebanon War, crying Shma Yisrael, after leaping onto a hand grenade to save his soldiers. Roi was an engineer by training, and devoted family man. The movie accompanies Yifat, his older sister, on her journey to trace his character, the various aspects of his life, and his last days until the battle in which he was killed. With Yifat, the movie attempts to understand the materials that make up a man who chooses to sacrifice his life for those who surround him and for his beliefs.

A story about courage, faith and love.
******Sun March 9, 7pm @ Chabad

Simon Weisenthal Documentary
Q & A and discussion with guest Aaron Hier of the Simon Weisenthal Center in Los Angeles, CA- 
Viewing I Have Never Forgotten You: the life and legacy of Simon Wiesenthal, narrated by Nicole Kidman.

A riveting and comprehensive journey into the life and legacy of Simon Wiesenthal, legendary Nazi hunter. Filmed in nine countries, it offers previously unseen archival film and photos in telling the inspirational and remarkable story of how a single person, untrained as an investigator, brought to justice many of the most infamous Nazi w ar criminals responsible for the murder of six million Jews.
******Sun April 9,
7pm, location tba

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General Social Schedule for Spring '08

Falafel Fest / Opening Event
Last week in February
Falafel Fest with scrumptuous falafel, tehinna, hummus, salads and more! Israel activities and crafts, membership info and more... members will receive full details and official invitation.

jLearn Group Trip
a Sunday in March
A fully sponsored day trip with fun and action!

jLearn Retreat
A day in nature - fishing, boating, bonfire, hiking, wading... on beautiful grounds near Champaign.

Awards Night/Closing Event
Gifts for members, desserts, a beautiful evening - you deserve it!

Hey, if you can't make it to everything, don't worry! Join the group for whatever socials you can - they're fun, free of charge and a great way to network and meet other Jewish students on campus!