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Our visit to Prague

Sunday, 22 March, 2015 - 11:37 pm

 A few shades before sunrise we embarked on a stimulating journey to Prague, Czech Republic.

As we drove along the countryside, we discovered the true charm of the European experience.

After five sleepless hours on the bus we finally arrived in what we quickly found out to be Europe’s true gem.

Accompanied by our esteemed tour guide Camilla, our eyes wandered in awe as we took in the Czech air while learning about the history of the small, yet gorgeous town.

After a quick trip to “The Castle,” we went on an extensive trip into Prague’s jewish quarter, where we visited synagouges and cementaries while Camila told us about the town’s impressive jewish history.

After a day filled with judiasm and architechural beauty, we experienced a local fair where we took in the smells, tastes and atmosphere of Prague.

We concluded the night with a delicious dinner at the Chabad house where we reflected on our day trip and shared highlights as we drove away into the night. 

 By: Omer Oppenheim 

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