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Wednesday, 25 March, 2015 - 11:57 am

 Our day started off early by traveling into east Berlin to first see the Jewish Museum and the Topography of Terror. The Jewish Museum gave an overview of the history of the Jewish community throughout Germany. The building itself was beautifully and cleverly constructed to carefully have symbol and meaning. Each part represented something. We really liked walking through the Garden of Exile outside the museum, which gave an eerie feeling to the history of Berlin. The Museum also highlighted important aspects of Jewish life throughout history, with the Holocaust era as only one part. The Topography of Terror was a museum to show the rise of Hitler and the Nazi power. It was a lot of reading, but we learned a lot about how something like the Holocaust could have happened basically right in front of the German people and the world.

Next, we had the amazing opportunity to meet with the American Ambassador to Germany at the United States Embassy. He talked a bit about American-German- Israeli relations and we had the chance to ask questions. I thought it was really cool that he gave us some time out of his day to discuss issues that many of us care about...(also the Embassy was super fancy).

After that, we met our tour guide Nadav to do a walking tour of East Berlin. This started with the Brandenburg Gate. Nadav knew a lot of interesting stories about the Gate and the area around it.

One important thing we learned was about the stones on the ground that are used as a memorial throughout the city. These stones lie where those people who perished in the Holocaust lived. The walking tour was awesome and we had fairly sunny weather, which made it more enjoyable! We saw the University, the spot where Hitler gave his acceptance speech, and a synagogue designed by a non Jew that looks like a mosque.

We had dinner at chabad- which is always a good time.  And we ended the night with hanging at an authentic German pub to experience authentic German culture, music, and dancing!

 By Ali Jonesi 

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