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 Today we woke up at 4 am and got on the bus to Prague. After a nice 5 hour drive and a stump the rabbi that carried over from the night before, we arrived in the beautiful city of Prague. Our experience began at the top of the hill with the castle. The view from the top of the hill was filled with gardens, orange roofed houses, castles and much more! As we weaved our way down the hill, we passed beautiful historical buildings until we reached the president's castle. After Andy's pathetic attempt to make the guard laugh, we continued into the center of the palace. Then we crossed the oldest and most extravagant bridge in Prague as we made our way to the Chabad Restaurant for lunch (Ari Hannah, 2014). Here we enjoyed delicious falafel, pasta, and soup.
After lunch we journeyed into the Jewish quarters of Prague where we visited the Jewish shuls, it was there that we had a breathtaking encounter with a holocaust survivor, Shoshana. Shoshana, who was moved by Yosef's singing in the altneu Shul, approached our group and told us her story. She expressed her extreme happiness to meet us, but in reality we were the ones who were lucky to have met her. This moment was a highlight for many students on the trip and is something we will never forget. Lastly, we finished our trip with exploring the city and a lovely dinner at Chabad. Until next time, Ari and Hannah :) writing from the bus on the way back to Berlin.

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