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Reflections on cleaning the Weisensee Cemetery

Tuesday, 21 March, 2017 - 7:15 pm


Today we went to the Weisensee Cemetery in Berlin to clean up a portion of it that hadn't been touched prior to the Winter. We were fortunate to be given the portion of the Weisensee Cemetery dedicated to the fallen Jewish soldiers of World War I. These soldiers had no one to come visit them so in honor of their service, we out in a few hours of work to beautify their resting places. We learned this morning that the greatest acts of kindness one can perform are those where there is no reward for the doer. The soldiers evidently had no way of thanking or rewarding us for the time we put in today, but Rabbi Dovid told us that they would still be quite thankful. It was an emotional experience but incredibly rewarding as well. I hope to continue to honor the Jewish people of Berlin in any way possible as this trip continues. 


Jacob Apter

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