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Our visit to the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp

Thursday, 23 March, 2017 - 3:53 pm


Today,  we started our day early and left Berlin around 5am. We arrived at Theresienstadt around 4 hours later and pulled into a rather somber area that looked like a small town. We got off the bus and went Into a building that used to be used as a school.

In the building we got to see the actual "movie" that the nazis filmed about the concentration camps to try and fool the world into thinking that the camps were not bad, and even tried to make people think that these camps were a "gift" to the Jews.

Also, In this video we got to see the drawings that the people in the camps drew that depicted what they were actually seeing and the real horrors they were going through. When we finished the video, we saw what a bunker might look like during the war and how terrible the living conditions were for the Jewish people.

Our tour guide explained that an apartment that might usually hold 1 family, would hold around 5 families during the war. This really struck me, and made me think about how these people were living and how drastically and instantaneously their lives changed.

After seeing what their living condions were, the bus took us a little outside the camp to a cemetery and the crematorium.

It was extremely difficult to be in the same room where thousands of Jews were burned into ashes. Knowing that cremation goes against the Jewish laws, i felt sorry that these Jews didn't have a choice in the matter.

After this, we ended by going to one of the secret synagogues that was still in the town. Being in this room, as someone who is able to practice my religion freely and knowing that so many Jews before me were not able to do so, made me realize just how much strength these individuals had and how much hope they still carried even in the most horrible and darkest of times.

-Emma Schwartz

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