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Wrap-up on ASB Berlin 2017

Sunday, 26 March, 2017 - 9:00 am

This week was a blur.


Every day presented me with more information than I could possibly consolidate and decompress before I was up at 7:30 again ready for the next.

We learned about Germany's history, Judaism's history, Germany's present and Judaism's present within Germany.

We spent hours with Rabbi Yehuda Tiechtel, the man who, with the help of many others just as dedicated as he, brought Judaism back to Berlin. We saw the true spirit of Jewish life there: Family, love, positivity, ENERGY, remembrance of the past, celebration of the present and the future, and above all, fierce pride in being a Jew in the very land where the Jewish extinction was attempted.

We learned the history of the effort, sitting at the table of the Wannsee conference, driving past the building where Hitler gave his speeches and walking the crumbled roads of Theresenstadt. At the end of the week, we vigorously rejoiced in our Judaism. For 24 hours we ate, drank, prayed, danced, sang and jumped up and down celebrating Shabbat in Berlin. This trip was a blur, and if you asked me to tell you what my favorite activity was I couldn't tell you. All I can say is that my favorite part of ASB Berlin was seeing firsthand how much love and positivity is present in the Jewish community here, and how I came from half way around the world to fit in so perfectly, so quickly.

-Mikey Malina 

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