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Alta Mina Tiechtel

Mina, throughout her short life epitomized happiness and joy. Everyone who knew her would react with a smile because Mina radiated joy. Wearing her little baseball cap she would involve herself in all activities and actually influence people. (A doctor became religious as a result of her interaction with Mina for a long time) she lives only seven years but she's been impacting this world for over twenty. READ MORE


We are not an organization with any overhead. No hired staff. We dont make auctions or big parties yet we give out literally hudreds of furniture items a year. We thank  Everything But The Baby for always being helpful. But at this time we operate on a deficit. 
Therefore at this time we ask everyone who cares about the happiness of children in crown heights to  please help us continue our work.

Annual Yartzeit Event

A gathering will be held on Thursday in memory of  Alta Mina Tiechtel ob"m with guest speaker Mrs.  Raya Raskin.

Keren Alta Mina will hold their annual gathering in memory of  Alta Mina Tiechtel obm. 

Alta Mina A"H was a lovely little girl whose short life permeated with joy. It is her living legacy that Keren Alta Mina perpetuates.

Keren Alta Mina is an organization in her memory, that brings happiness to families by providing baby and toddlers all needed baby furniture. Whether it is a crib to sleep in, or a carriage to stroll in, Keren Alta Mina is there to help.

Keren Alta Mina's only support, is friends of the family and members of the community. It is an organization funded by the people of Crown Heights, for the people of Crown Heights. The demand is much greater than the available funding. 

Please join us, Chof Gimmel Teves, Janurary 3, as we remember Mina, and help countless families in our community.

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