Rabbi Dovid & Goldie Tiechtel / Directors

Illini Chabad seeks to ensure a warm and welcoming environment where students can gather to meet and connect, as well as express and explore Judaism. The active Student Leadership Board involves and empowers fellow students to help create this special community by planning classes and discussion groups, socials and holiday events and much more. As a Jewish organization, we promote tolerance for all and support for Israel.

Iillini Chabad serves as a "home away from home" for all students and brings a spiritual dimension to the hectic and stressful life of a student. Rabbi Dovid and Goldie are always available to talk, support and advise students when they need a listening ear or a guiding hand. Students know they can always find an anchor in stability at Chabad. Rabbi Dovid and Goldie have even been there for students in times of illness, driving students to and from the hospital and making sure all of their needs are handled and more. Each student is cared for as an individual.

As the liaison of the Religious Workers Association to the University, Rabbi Dovid has worked with University professionals, campus organizations, parents and concerned friends to help create a tolerant environment on campus. This includes working with the University to address Jewish student needs - bringing a certified Kosher meal plan to campus, creating safe gathering places for menorah lightings in dorms and much more. Illini Chabad has addressed and advised dormitory RA's and has been a steady presence to advise and guide students, professors and faculty.

The incredible growth that Illini Chabad has experienced in its ten years, demonstrates the need for a community that takes traditional values and makes them applicable to the lives of today's college student. As university courses challenge and develop the mind, Illini Chabad develops the heart. Fostering a love of Judaism, a love for Israel and love for all mankind, Illini Chabad is proof that tomorrow's community stands on good ground.