Ten Years and Counting | Illini Chabad Celebration Event
October 20, 2013 • Bryn Mawr Country Club

Hello again,

This is my favorite part of the evening

I get to tell you a little bit more about
Rabbi Dovid Tiechtel

In addition to all the activities and programs I mentioned earlier tonight, Rabbi Tiechtel

  • serves as an adjunct professor at the law school
  • he is a part of the office of the dean of students
  • he serves as a support officer for the c-u police and fire departments

Oh did I mention he has five precious children who blew me away at Rosh Hashanah

He is part of a long line of Rabbis devoted to Judaism and the Jewish people

He challenges me and he inspires me

Please join me in honoring my friend:     
Rabbi Dovid Tiechtel