Ten Years and Counting | Illini Chabad Celebration Event
October 20, 2013 • Bryn Mawr Country Club

Ask yourself, why? Stop, and really think about why you are actually here tonight. Either you are involved, someone you know is, or someone dragged you here. If so, then ask why are THEY here? This is far more about just being Jewish. This is about our young leaders creating family, friends, and their future.

My story with Rabbi Dovid did not start on campus like the lucky ones we see tonight. I can only wish I understood my Jewish perspective far earlier in life. I got to know the Rabbi better thanks to Danny Nathan [as seen on the Chabad Celebration 10 Video] at a “Stump the Rabbi” night we hosted at my home in Chicago. I could give an hour long speech on the amazing things I have heard Rabbi Dovid and Goldie do. But we cannot all be Superheroes like them. So, what now?

It became real, when I realized how I could help too. I helped host an Illini Chabad event in Chicago. There, I met a great young couple that is in the crowd tonight, Hannah and Ofer Eckstein. A year after, Ofer came to me to help him buy their first home in Chicago.  Because he was a Chabad connection, I donated part of my commission to the Illini Chabad. While it may have been a simple donation for other organizations, Rabbi Dovid turned it into a sponsored “Soup in the Sukkah” event for 75 students on campus. The otherwise general donation became a gift for our future Jewish leaders to have the opportunities on campus that I did not.

So, how can you change someone else’s future? This is exactly why each of you is here tonight. You are doing far more than just coming to an event. You are ensuring that in another 10 years from now our Jewish leaders will be as strong as ever.

So, if you are feeling good about tonight call a friend about it. Text it. Tweet it.
Take out a pen and write a pledge.

And, tonight, leave feeling great about WHY you came

Thank you