It was just a year ago on this very date that women from the Crown Heights community listened intently to the words of Mrs. Miriam Swerdlov as she chaired an evening of learning and inspiration. 

The occasion was the 26th yartzeit of our daughter Alta Mina a"h Bas Yissachar Shlomo שיחי׳. Every year, on that special date, women from the community would gather for an evening of Achdus and personal growth in honor of our daughter's yartzeit. 

This year, as her yarzeit falls on Shabbos, we decided that Mina's living legacy should impact not merely upon our immediate Crown Heights community, but rather worldwide. We have therefore created a virtual farbrengen. 

Mina's joy of life and her enthusiasm and excitement about yiddishkeit influenced many during her short lifetime. She radiated warmth and love to all she met. Her living legacy has not only impacted upon the thousands of children that benefited from Keren Alta Mina, but also upon every person who has joined the yearly farbrengens and gained inspiration from her seven short years. 

We now welcome you to join as well! Hashem in his infinite wisdom has returned Mina's neshama to her Maker, but we can continue to do what she did best, "bringing a smile to every child's face."

Please join us as we commemorate Mina's 27th yartzeit.
Say a Lchaim, join the farbrengen at and perpetuate her legacy by partnering with Keren Alta Mina.


It's 11:30 PM and the phone rings. On the line is a new father whose wife just gave birth to a baby boy. No longer are they just a couple, a family has been created. Along with the joy and euphoria comes along the sense of responsibility. Now he has to provide for his newborn- a tiny baby with so many needs. A car seat for his first trip home, a crib, and a carriage are just the beginning of the list.

He has no financial resources, so he turns to us. I take the call and hear the hesitation in his voice, his unease at asking for help. As he states his request, I glance at my husband and mouth the words “What should I do, I want provide for all of the needs of his baby, but…

But Keren Alta Mina, after 24 years in existence (as the only organization in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York providing baby furnishings for those in need), is at the crossroads.

Do we continue and say "YES": to this young man and hundreds others like him? Or do we face the reality that a ten thousand dollar deficit exists this year and we just say "NO"?

The answer, dear friends, will be determined by YOU.

Keren Alta Mina is not a large professional organization. We don't conduct auctions or sell raffles. We are simply the parents of a little girl who at the age of seven returned her soul to her Maker. Immediately, during the time that we were sitting Shiva for our dearest Mina'la we resolved to create a living legacy that would epitomize the essence of our child. Mina radiated joy, even at her young age she was fearless and wouldn’t capitulate to any weaknesses. Mina would go directly from her chemo treatment to school, with a smile. Mina would be the first to climb to the highest rung of the monkey bars, with joy, disregarding any frailties.

We realized that the most appropriate action that we could take would be to establish an organization that would bring "A Smile to every Child's Face". Keren Alta Mina became a reality and brought “smiles” to thousands of children.

I have no doubt, that Mina would have looked at me with her special smile, as I tried to find the correct response to the new father, and softly remind me "You can't turn anyone down. Of course, Keren Alta Mina must help".

Please help Keren Alta Mina help the fathers and mothers, and bring "A Smile to every Child's face".

*$250 buys a crib and mattress
*$180 buys a carriage
*$150 buys a porta-crib
*$110 buys a high chair
*$100 buys a car seat or swing
*Any amount helps a child



Please make checks payable to:

Keren Alta Mina
405 Crown St.
Brooklyn NY, 11225

With Best Wishes,
Rabbi Shlomo and Shana Tiechtel

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