Did you know?!……Chabad facts

 *Over 450 people came through our doors over the High Holidays this fall

*Chabad built Sukkot at AEPi, the dorms (Allen Hall), and on a truck, to brink the joy of the holiday all over campus and CU
*On Average 91 students eat at the Kosher meal plan that Chabad has put in place together with the University at Allen Hall
*Chabad has distributed over 115 Menorah’s to students across campus
*Chabad has over ten different ongoing adult education classes for students and community
*Chabad has on average 85 students each Friday night for a homestyle dinner, which can grow as large as 125 on some weeks
*The Chabad Labor Day BBQ had about 325 students
*Chabad has ongoing community service projects, visiting seniors, the hospitals, food drives, raising funds for Israel and more
*Chabd has a very active – proactive student leadership arranging many Israel advocacy and educational programs on campus
*Chabad has just graduated the 100th Sinai Scholar, part of the Sinai Scholars – Jewish Leadership and learning society on Campus
*Chabad has an active jGrad and Jewish Law student Association, creating programs, socials, and a strong Jewish graduate student community on campus
*Chabad co-sponsors programs with all the “Jewish affiliated” houses (SAM, ZBT, AEPi, SDT & AEPhi) on campus and has a very strong community of students from the “non-Jewish affiliated” Greek houses on campus as well
*Chabad has brought to campus lecturers on Israel, Jews in Sports, Jewish leadership and more this past semester
*Chabad runs the ONLY Jewish day camp in the entire east central Illinois each summer
*Chabad has an ongoing bi weekly Jewish enrichment program, for the local Jewish children
*On many a night Rabbi Dovid or Goldie will find themselves in the emergency room, doctor’s offices, courthouses, and anywhere on campus for emergencies
*Chabad has started a strong alumni and young professional group called J.I.F. in Chicagoland, with many socials, programs and events, continuing the Jewish Illini community in Chicagoland
And it goes on and on, each and every day, 24 hours a day, Chabad is and will be there for the students, community and alumni… can you be there for us so we can be there for them?