You are about to embark on  a (another) solid year at U of I! We wish you all the best wishes for a great start to a great year!
Over the years we have collected advice from departing students. The message is consistent -
Get involved.
You will get out of the next few months what you put into them. Try different things. Get involved in different activities. Do as many things as you can. It is the difference between living, and just moving through life.

And while you are doing these activities, remember to connect to something Jewish. It is a big part of who you are, and the soul needs to be developed as well as the mind. Don't be afraid to ask the hard questions; there are answers. 
While you are here, know that you have a home away from home at Chabad. 

Our family lives on campus, and we are only a phone call and less then a block away. If you need an ear or a shoulder, we are on call 24/7! 

We know for many of you, connecting to Jewish life may be the farthest thing from your mind. You may do a thing or two to placate a mother or  grandfather.  We can tell you that most of our students never expected to connect with Jewish Life on campus.  They are not the gungho types.  They came for Matzah Ball or with a friend, and found something comforting in the big White house.
So give us try!  We offer weekly Shabbos dinners in a home environment,  Birthright trips to Israel, Social events , Greek Events and parties, Jewish Library and lounge, and a variety of other activities! 

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   Illini Chabad: The home for the OrangeJewS
Be a proud Jewish Illini!! 

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Rabbi Dovid and Goldie Tiechtel 
& The Chabad Crew


   Welcome Back Events: Some highlights!
 Join friends for these back-to-school kick-off events:
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Got Falafel?
THE Kick-Off Party!

Fill your Pita like never before, with Falafel, Salads, Fries and more!
Enjoy a delicious gourmet Falafel Fest with an Israeli theme, while finding out all you need to know about being Jewishly active on campus

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Tuesday, August 28th, 5pm @ Chabad


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 Move in Shabbat!
Cool People. Warm Atmosphere.  Hot Food! 
Reconnect with old friends or make new ones as we gather for the first Shabbat celebration for all of us that moved in for the new school year, in true Illini spirit.

Enjoy the famous Chabad atmosphere and a Five-Course dinner with all of the Shabbat favorites, including home-cooked Challah, Chicken Soup, Matzah Balls, and so much more. 

Friday, August 24. @ Chabad
 Dinner @ 7:30pm
Inspiring Service @ 6:45

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 Welcome Back Shabbat!   
The annual Welcome Back Shabat, where we get to connect with all those that we missed over the summer, get to meet new friends, and welcome the Freshman class of 2016!

Enjoy the famous Chabad atmosphere and a Five-Course dinner with all of your Shabbat favorites!

Friday, August 31. @ Chabad
 Dinner @ 7:30pm
Service @ 6:45

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Labor Day BBQ
Tons of Food, Friends, and good times...  
One of Chabad's famous BBQ's, one not to miss, so swing by for some good food, friends and fun!!

Monday , September 3 @ Chabad 
 5:00pm @ Chabad 

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