Pre-registration for Winter 2005
birthright israel trips opening soon.


In conjunction with Birthright Israel and Mayanot, Chabad of Champaign-Urbana is proud to offer free & fun 10-day tours of Israel. The goal of our exciting tours is to inspire in our participants, a stronger connection to the Jewish people, Jewish life and to the Jewish State of Israel while having a great time!

This amazing gift is available to Jewish young adults, ages 18 through 26 who have never been to Israel before on a previous peer/educational tour.

We have chosen Mayanot as our trip provider. Mayanot spends more money on each student in-country than any other provider, ensuring the greatest comfort and best experience.


Participants in our unforgetable programs will...
· tour, hike and jeep throughout Israel
· climb the ancient fortress of Masada
· float in the Dead Sea
· enjoy the culture, and excitement of Jerusalem & Tel Aviv
· experience a warm and fun-filled traditional Shabbat
· tour the cities of Tiberias and Safed
· meet Israeli students, soldiers, politicians & business leaders


The program is free, departing from major cities, including airfare on El-Al Airlines, accommodations at quality hotels, and almost all meals. A $250 fully refundable deposit, returned after the program, is required.

For further information please contact Rabbi Dovid or Goldie at [email protected]

Security Notes 
Chabad & Mayanot understand that applicants may be concerned about the security situation in Israel. The safety and security of our participants is Mayanot and birthright israel's number one priority. We would never take on this endeavor if we felt we were unable to adequately provide an absolutely safe and secure trip.
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Israel... You're not home without it!