Aid the Katrina Relief Effort!



Knead, Shape & Bake!

Thurs September 15, 1:00pm at Chabad

  • Come bake & package challah @ Chabad for our Katrina Relief Challah Bake Sale. Bring willing and able hands, some friends (and $2 to buy your own challah!).


Become a Partner in the Efforts! Volunteer your time

  • Bake Challah on Thurs
  • Sell Challah on Fri
  • Become a Sales Contact!
  •  If you have friends in your Greek House, or Dorm you’d like to sell challah to, contact Goldie @ [email protected]  and we’ll arrange a delivery.


Tsunami Relief Challah Bake Sale!


Fri September 16, 11am-1pm on the Quad


  • Aid the Katrina Relief Effort! Buy delicious, home-baked challah for $2.


All profits will go directly toward the purchase of clothing and food for the Katrina survivors.


 Look for Chabad on the Quad (weather permitting, otherwise we’ll be at a table in the Union.)